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Russian exiles in London fear who might be next on the hit list!


The death of the Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky is like an enigma worthy of Agatha Christie which could be called "The Mystery of the bathroom". The most powerful oligarch of the Yeltsin era, who became the intimate enemy of Putin, is found dead, lying on the floor of his double-locked bathroom.

According to a statement from Scotland Yard, Berezovsky had "a tie around his neck while a piece of the same material was on the shower bar over it". This link would have ended up breaking under the weight of the suicide. This break would explain why Boris Berezovski had a broken rib, as reported by an anonymous family source quoted by The Guardian. According to the police, "nothing suspicious" was found in the villa of the billionaire, who, since his exile, remained the sworn opponent of the master of the Kremlin.

This version does not convince many world among the thousands of expatriates Russian established in the United Kingdom. Whether they are millionaires, ex-KGB agents, business executives or media professionals, almost none of them adhere to the thesis of suicide. "Without being paranoid, I will never believe that Berezovski killed himself," Anastasia Uspenskaya, a journalist with the BBC's Russian-language service, who has devoted many reports to the former oligarch, after his death.

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