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Images of the multi-faceted Simon Wood down by the Thames next to the hotel he recently developed, the Double Tree by the Docklands. I managed to get some quality time with him on the sand near the hotel. We wanted to reference his love of the water, Simon being a keen rower and also that's where the lovely hotel is.

Although Simon is in business I wanted to create something that was a little more relaxed and 'editorial' in feel, moving away from a typical corporate portrait to hopefully something more engaging. Being down on the beach at the Tobacco docks you get some fantastic colours with the vibrant green on the river walls and the contrasting heavy wooden structures with rusty bolts and girders. We also had access to a dry docks which has some interesting faded paint on the walls. As a photographer a great place to take portraits!

The shoot was for innovative new businesses that create 'Digital selves', online profiles for high flyers who may otherwise not have an online presence, for whatever reason.

Check them out to see some of the profiles they have create so far This is about-


Editorial style corporate portrait

Editorial style corporate portrait