The Guardian commission

by London portrait photographer

A recent shoot for The Guardian into careers in the Technology industry featuring Chris Morris, a software engineer at Capgemini.

These were some images that were taken towards the end of the shoot. I wanted to try something a little different to the portrait which I felt would probably be used....The location was pretty uninspiring so i decided to dig out and play with some colour gells to see if I could make something a touch more visual. It's something I have done in the past when pushed for time when the location is a little 'testing'.

I've always liked using coloured gells and combing this with low key lighting,  (not really The Guardian's thing possibly but what the hell),  having been inspired back in the day by 'Tricky' album covers (!!!) Check out another Private commission I did recently (with the luxury of more time) using some colour gells Portraits of Gesu

This is the Image that they used in the

Chris Morris in the Guardian by David Woolfall