Office portrait shoot in London

Money Supermarket's Paul Downey, in their London offices

Had the great pleasure tp be asked to photograph Paul Downey of Money Supermarket.

Having arrived at Money Supermarket’s offices, I was immediatly was taken by their dynamic reception area walls filled with with murals and grafitti.

THIS would be a fitting place for a shoot. Having their name written eveywhere on the walls can look fun and hold a visual interest. Slighly more interesting at least than getting ushered into a booked boardroom office. That is something that sinks the heart!

A bare Elinchrom head from my Quadra fashing directly at Paul to create an intereting shadow of sorts and a more balanced set up later on.

You never really know as a portrait photographer, what you will find in the office and how much time the subject will allow for the photoshoot. I’m sure all photographers who shoot magazine portraits and corporate photographers have a default set up up their sleeves to cater for those dull offices or that lack of time to experiment. It’s pleasing to be surprised and to be able to try something that isn’t the fail safe back up.

Paul Downey

Paul Downey