Makeshift living-photographs of a makeshift home

Portraits of JP in his lock-up garage

The ever-increasing rising rent prices in London are forcing people to be creative with how and where they live. Due to unforeseen circumstances Jean Pierre here was forced to turn his lock-up garage in North London to a living space. The lock up garage doubled up as a workspace during the day, a place to work on his florist commissions and a living space in the evening. Everything in JP's home was either given to him or found and it made for a great space, one which was more like a den than a bedroom/home.
I am interested in the strange places that people adapt for living in. Please drop me a line if you know anyone who lives in an unusual place, I'd love to hear from them.


Man in his garage

Also, If you are interested in Jean pierres creative floral designs please check out his work at  Jean-Pierre Bonello-Foral Designer and Florist