5x4 portrait with natural light


I caught sight of this young woman in a cafe in SE London where she was serving coffee. I was slightly bewitched by her counterance, At first glance she looked a woman, another look she would seem a girl. She seemed to be straddling the change from girl to woman in that very moment which I thought was really interesting.

She was at this stagein her life, a girl but stretching her wings into womenhood- soon to be finishing her A’ Levels and then off travelling.

I photographed her using a 35mm initially just to get her settled then with a large format view camera which I like using for portraiture. It’s slow, and cumbersome to use this hefty camera, the complete opposite of digital photography; which is why I love using it (even if it makes me pull my hair out)!!

You have to slow down and take your time, be a little more considered which is a nice way to work. Fortunate for me Billie was a patient model.