Football Club Heros

I'm currently working on a series of people who work at football clubs.

My motivation for this work is that I am a curious football fan ( Everton fc)

I am interested in people who work behind the scenes at football clubs, the people who do important jobs, unusual jobs or even jobs we wouldn't perhaps expect at a club.

It could be someone who has served a club for a long time, a real character who drives the bus or makes the tea, perhaps the club has it's own barbers, dentist or someone who works in the community. It could be the kit man, someone on the medical staff,  or someone in the office, I want to show the amazing people work at our clubs.

Football clubs can be large places so maybe send this around to different departments to see if they have someone they know, feel free to share with colleagues.  

I'd love to hear from you and thank you for your time.